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Camera Module Align, Assembly and Test (CMAT)


AEi’s patent pending multi-axis active alignment process, algorithms and machine designs enable our customers to manufacture the highest quality camera modules available. AEi’s 5 and 6 degree of freedom active alignment in camera module assembly is superior to passive alignment or single degree of freedom alignment for small and multi-image array camera module assembly and test. The superior cycle time, yield and image quality that result from camera assembly and test on our CMAT machines give our customers a sizeable market advantage.

5 and 6 Degree of Freedom Active Alignment is Critical for Small, Wafer and Multi-Image Array Cameras

Consumers demand high-resolution, high-quality photo and video images from their mobile devices, with new features such as 3D imaging and autofocus enabled by multi-image array cameras on the horizon. Automotive applications also need optimal image quality for their cameras to read signs, detect lane departure, detect and avoid collisions, provide hands-free parking as well as for back-up cameras and other safety features. Camera modules traditionally aligned and assembled using either passive alignment or a single degree of freedom active alignment along the optical axis direction result in poor image quality. AEi's 5 and 6 degree of freedom active alignment detects and resolves variations in lens tolerances -- especially in angular variation of the lens optical axis versus the exterior surfaces of the lens housing -- achieving high focus quality throughout the resulting image. Camera modules assembled using AEi 5 and 6 degree of freedom active alignment processes provide the higher image quality required in today's demanding automotive and consumer product applications.

State of the Industry Multi-Axis Active Alignment

AEi has been providing and optimizing 5 and 6 degree of freedom active optical alignment for over a decade. We have refined our technology and solutions to be highly robust and reliable for 24/7 operation and highly optimized our machine designs and alignment approaches and algorithms beyond what others can offer. We are now delivering CMAT machines using our fifth generation designs. Our superior technology, experience, and resulting high production volumes and yields are proven in the field. AEi’s patent pending enhancements and innovations make the active alignment truly optimal in terms of both image quality and shortest machine cycle time.

CMAT Features Overview

  • Advanced high-speed AEi active alignment algorithms
  • 5 and 6 degrees of freedom
  • X,Y and Z accuracy to within /- 5um
  • ƟX, ƟY tilt accuracy to within /-0.1 degree
  • Camera interfaces: NTSC/PAL, SMIA, MIPI, HiSPI, and custom
  • LED target lighting
  • Numerous UV curing options

CMAT’s Multi-Axis Active Alignment Delivers Competitive Advantage

Configurable and robust CMAT machines support product development to high volume production applications in 24/7 operation. Common to all CMAT machines are the same alignment stages, AEi proprietary active alignment algorithms, and interchangeable fixturing to support different camera designs on the same equipment. This shortens our customers’ development process, as manufacturing processes for new camera designs can be implemented and validated on a CMAT machine at one site, then quickly migrated to CMAT machines in high volume production sites - anywhere in the world. This enables our customers to get their new products to market faster, for first to market competitive advantage.


AEi Particle Test Results Display

CMAT Test Functions

In addition to 5 and 6 degree of freedom active alignment, AEi’s CMAT machines offer many available image test functions for comprehensive camera module functional verification. These highly configurable and customizable test functions include:

  • Dead Pixel
  • Stuck Pixel
  • Chrominance
  • Exposure
  • Distortion
  • Vignetting
  • Field of View
  • Macbeth Color Test
  • Rotation
  • Particle Detection

Automotive Camera in Pallet Fixture

CMAT for New Product Introduction (NPI) and Process Prototyping

CMAT machines meet our customers’ needs to implement camera module assembly and test from low- to high-volume. We provide customers with the option of having AEi build a small set of prototype cameras to their design using CMAT machines in our facilities to fully verify the greatly enhanced camera image quality our CMAT machines provide. We quote services such as adhesive experimentation trials and camera design collaboration to help customers achieve maximum benefit from our multi-axis active alignment technology. AEi also provides new product introduction support (NPI) and camera manufacturing process prototyping, as well as design for manufacturing (DFM) engineering support. These available services help AEi customers to better understand how to configure and deploy their CMAT machines to realize their full benefit.