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Processes & Tools: Kinematic Couplings

AEi utilizes interchangeable fixtures and tooling on many of our flexible automation solutions. This is an excellent tool to provide the ability to have different mechanical and electrical interfaces to different products that need to be manufactured on the same automation stations. The tooling changes automatically as specified by the process recipe, or is swapped out manually.

Application Examples:

Products & Platforms: Features & Benefits of AEi Implementation:
  • Extensive AEi experience with designing and deploying interchangeable fixturing and tooling for a wide range of applications
  • The FlexAuto software platform allows the selection and use of different fixturing and tooling, automatically or manually, as needed for different products on a given manufacturing station

AEi typically uses kinematic couplings to make swapping out tooling and fixturing modules fast, accurate, and repeatable. This reduces the level of effort and training required for operators while minimizing changeover time from product to product for maximum station uptime.